Micropulse is a technical automation company which is active within the high tech machine - and apparatus construction and process industry.

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Regularly there are job vacancies within a project for project leaders, consultants, system designers and programmers.

For this we search experienced professionals who have knowledge or experience with developing PLC -, DCS -, HMI - and SCADA-applications and/or control systems for the process - and machine industry. Professionals who create unique solutions by application of new technologies and an innovative treatments again and again. At Micropulse personal input and initiative are highly  appreciated. Action strength, flexibility and a considerable amount motivation are properties which we like to see. 

If you are interested in the possibilities to work on project basis, we request you to send us your CV. You get our response as soon as possible.

You can send the CV to: a.hodzelmans@micropulsegroup.nl

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